ECCU Blog Post #1

Hello! I am very excited to be on this journey! Welcome to my ECCU 400 blog! I am in my final semester of the Middle Years program and just finished up my internship! In my internship I had a thought of you do not fit Treaty Education where it does not belong because it will not flow. Looking back on my internship with this mindset I am very upset with myself that I did not incorporate more Treaty Education into my lessons. I am glad I got to dig into what miskâsowin means to me  because it let me dig into my heritage and see what has shaped me as a person.

When researching into my origin, I only researched into my father’s side of the family.

My grandma’s side came over from the Ukraine to escape the Holocaust in 1940. When they first came to Canada their boat docked in Halifax. From Halifax they rode the train to Erwood, which is just a small town outside of Hudson Bay, where I am from. They eventually ended up in Erwood in 1945.  They were on Treaty 6 land.

My grandpa’s side came from southern Ontario over to Central Bute and then settled in Arborfield, which is a small town outside of Carrot River. Arborfield is Treaty 6 land. My grandpa has 12 brothers and sisters including himself. He grew up in Arborfield. Grandpa travelled to British Columbia for work where he eventually set up his own homestead for a couple of years.

After meeting my Grandma in Watson City, BC,  they moved to Whitehorse, Yukon which is just outside of Treaty 11. Eventually (after 10 years of living in British Columbia and the Yukon)  they moved back to Hudson Bay which is Treaty 6 land to raise my uncle, auntie and dad. I grew up in Hudson Bay as well. With all of this information that I had to dig into, I consider myself a settler on Treaty 6 land because it is where my grandma and grandpa’s family settled when they moved to Saskatchewan and it is the Treaty land that I grew up on.

I am excited to take this class and learn how to integrate Treaties into my classroom. I am also looking forward to finding myself by immersing myself into the class content so I can learn as much as I possibly can.

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