Post Pre- Internship

Being in the classroom for the past three weeks was absolutely amazing and eye opening. For my unit I taught Science 8 and I got the unit of Vision and Optics. I was very nervous to get this unit but after I got it I was grateful because it was a unit that pushed me to try new things. I think the reason I found it so fun was because I got to labs and do stations with the students.

I am convinced now that Learning is doing because I saw it in the process of happening. You always hear about these great strategies that are in books but you never actually see it in action until you are in the classroom! While the stations and labs were going on I could see that my students were learning while they were doing. Yes some stations and labs were not as fun as some but my students made the most out of them, which was great to see! I would always ask the students if they were excited for Science and most of them shook their head no but when I introduced what we would be doing in that Science class they were all very excited.

Another belief I have is in the student teacher relationship and I saw this in action. While I was able to joke around with my students (most time) I also built that trust and respect with them that when it was “work time” it was work time. I built a relationship with some of the students where they did open up about their home life to me which was great. This showed me that they trusted me enough to do so and

One major aspect where I learned from was you have to be flexible when you are a teacher. Students will be off to band or some other extra-curricular activity or some may go on a vacation or they might just be missing because of an appointment. Throughout my three weeks in the school I experienced all of these! For some students I had to find a different assignment for them to do completely because they would miss a lab or just questions that were the basis of my unit for some students. With my cooperating teacher and other colleagues in the school I found this very easy to do.

In preparing for internship in the fall I will plan and plan and plan and plan and plan. I will try my hardest to stay on top of my unit planning and lesson planning for the fall.  I also plan on getting 2 three inch binders. One will be for my units and one will be for student work. I know 3 inch binders sound super big which they are but I have come to realize that 1 and ½ inch binders are not substantial for unit plans and student work.  For pre internship my 1 ½ inch binder was over flowing and that was only for one unit and my students work. During internship I plan to be more organized with everything. I like to think that I am a very organized person but throughout the three weeks in the classroom I did not feel organized at all. Another goal I have for the summer is to learn the different areas of the curriculum.

As for FNMI, I have come to the realization that you again have to be flexible when fitting it into units. To fit Treaty Education into my unit I did a fishing lab with them and then went over how the First Nations never wasted anything and went over what they used from the buffalo. I thought it was so far stretched that it did not make sense. I read the TRC while I was in my pre internship and I think it helped me become a better teacher when teaching Treaty Education content in my unit. At my school I had the opportunity to work with students viewing different art piece works that came from the FNMI background and it was really cool. After viewing they got to make their own and the way their creative minds worked it was amazing.

To be completely honest, I am terrified for internship. I am scared to work with my cooperating teacher. I am nervous that my cooperating teacher will not be as flexible and easy going with my ideas as my pre internship cooperating teacher. I am also nervous and interested to dig deeper into different curriculum areas such as math.

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