Midterm Conversation

Well I am very nervous to have this conversation with Mike. The reason I am nervous is because I do not know what to expect- his answers or thoughts to what I say.  I am also excited for it because I am excited to see his answers and thoughts to what I say.

Aspects that will help me in achieving teaching Treaty Education is not to stay sheltered to myself. I will need help, resources, and many voices that are not just mine. I will also need to re-read the TRC because it is hard to absorb in just one reading. It is a tool that will most likely be in my future classroom for me to go back to. Lastly I need to build relationships with Elders. This will engage my students instead of me just standing and talking about First Nations culture and the way they proceed in ceremonies.

Treaty Education is relatively new to me as I am still trying to figure out how to fit it into every lesson that I teach. I am teaching a Vision and Optics unit for my three week block and am struggling with fitting in Treaty Education. How do I fit it into every single unit plan in some way? Is it possible to work it into every unit? Another barrier I have to this is do you need an Elder in the classroom every time you teach something that has to do with First Nations or just when you are dealing with the heavier topics of Treaty Education (ie: the abuse that happened in Residential school.)

Another aspect that I struggle with is I am a white, privileged female. My students may look at me and think or say out loud (knowing Middle Years Students) and say or think: “you are white. Why are you teaching this?” I see this as a barrier. Another thing I see as a barrier is that I want to go and teach in a North East rural area. What are the parents going to think of me if I bring Treaty Education into the classroom? Are they going to be grateful or angry at me for doing so? Will the community help me out? Another barrier I have, as a teacher, is I do not have the students all day every day. For Example: They go home and tell their parents that they did the blanket exercise. Their parents bash the blanket exercise, being racist and then the student comes back to the school and tell you what their parents told them. It is all about what mindset they were raised in. Their parents are going to be for Treaty Education and not for Treaty Education.

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