What do You Learn in Teacher College?

Well today was the last day of my placement. I am relieved it is over but also sad it is over. I was just starting to feel comfortable talking to the students.

Today was a pretty slack last day. The students were decorating boxes for the food drive for a majority of the day. My coop wanted my partner and I to do one lesson in the morning and a wrap up lesson in the afternoon. So we planned for an 40 minute  lesson in the morning and a half an hour in the afternoon.  Curve ball- my partner got sick. That was minor. I got her to send me the stuff. Who that curveball was over! When I got to school another curve ball was thrown- turned out we only had half an hour to do the first lesson. I thought to myself the first lesson is going to take way longer, not much longer, but longer than thirty minutes. I talked to my coop and he said that he would give me the choice of what to do right after lunch. This relieved me a little.

After lunch rolled around and I did some drama with the students. We played some games that another professor has taught us this semester. We started out with walking in curving pathways and walk as: walk as you just seen a friend that you have not seen in a long time, walk as you just walked out of a test, and walk as you just heard the best news ever! We transitioned into a game called Making a Shape! This game consists of the group coming up with a shape and the students then have to make the particular shape that they said. Some of the examples from my room were a pizza, a plane, a heart, a car and many more. When I said that we had to move on the students said “do we have to?” (this made me happy due to them having fun with the shape making game). We moved onto a game called Mirrors. This is a game that you work in partners and one partner moves his or her hand and the other partner has to follow the hand with their head while keeping their bodies stationary. This went over really well with the students. I had much more planned but we did not have enough time to get through everything I had planned because of only having half an hour. The one thing I would change is how much time I had with the students.

Now looking at the top of my blog post a student asked me this today: What do teachers learn in teacher college? I had to think about this for a moment and responded with “We learn lots but mainly on how to make an awesome lesson plan.”

I am so excited to go back for my three week block and learn even more with these students.

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