One More Lesson Plan…

I am both happy and  little agitated that we had to do another lesson plan. I thought “Why do we have to do another lesson plan? Every other class has us doing lesson plans for a final project. Why?”

However when we got into it my mood quickly changed. When we came to our modified indicator we got stuck because we really did not know what to put down due to having to relate it to Social Studies and Treaty Education. After we got the Treaty Indicator and Social Studies Indicator down I looked at it and panic set in. How were we supposed to make a modified indicator from all the words that were on the paper?  Thankful we were working in a group of four. To me, four brains is better than one brain alone. Together we brainstormed a modified indicator that did make sense. To answer my question that was put in here with all the words on the paper I think it is going to take some time to get use to incorporating Treaty Education and implementing it in the classroom. I did not however get to part take in the development and process making due to unfortunate circumstances.

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