How good are Your Lungs?

My lesson today went great. The students were very engaged while I was teaching. This week I taught science and I had the students make a replication of a pair of lungs. One lung represented a healthy lung and the other lung represented a smoker’s lung. The instructions are on this website.

Each and every one of my students was engaged the entire time which made me very happy to see. This week I made a PowerPoint and gave them a sheet to work on. I called on certain students to repeat instructions back. I circulated the room in case there were questions or they needed help. It was nice to see everyone smiling and laughing with each other. My instructions were clear.

One thing that I still need to work on and I know that it will come as I work on it is time management. I felt like this activity was very rushed but I also did not know how much prior knowledge the students had to the respiratory system. My first activity was having the students label a lung as a class. To my surprise, they actually knew all of the blanks. I then had the students read through the procedure of the lab and make predictions to what would happen when they had their lung diorama made. One aspect I would have also changed was having the tape and clay all ready. While planning my lesson I did not think to have the clay and tape ready to go. I had the students work in their buddies that they have in the classroom hoping that they would help each other out but with some of the stuff that was involved in the lung making activity I had to help them with, which I did not mind doing at all. One instruction that I should have given at the start was not to blow the balloons up but I gave it throughout. One student and I had a disagreement about this because he was blowing his balloon up.

At the end of my lesson, the students thanked me for making such a fun interactive lesson. Just having them say “Thank you, Miss. V” it made me feel really good because my lesson was fun.

In the afternoon we went on a field trip to the Mackenzie Art Gallery. We went with both grade 7 and 8 split classes along with the other two pre-interns and the two cooperating teachers. This taught me some things. First thing it taught me was when you are planning a field trip have at least five leaders in a group so you can split up the class into smaller groups. In total we had six teachers go so we split the student into ten small groups. Second is that you have to have your volunteers not be the student’s friends but to be the art gallery’s friend.

The Mackenzie Art Gallery went great for my group. I think it went so good because I had my coop with me and helped me supervise the students to make sure they were not doing anything bad and listening to all the rules. I did, however, have to remind a few students to not stand close to the glass container holding an artifact as they walked past. It was pretty neat to see all the art and hear the history of it. While we were in different areas of the Mackenzie Art Gallery the students created different art pieces. For example, in one part of the art gallery, the students drew each other’s faces without looking at the piece of paper they were drawing one.  It went pretty good for my first field trip.

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