Thinking on Your Feet!

Today my lesson went good. If I would have had an hour instead of 40 minutes,  it would have went perfect. My coop put up my PowerPoint but then took it down and all of  my information was on my PowerPoint for the students to see. So I adapted it quickly by telling the students what we would be doing for the class of French.I told them that they would be making flashcards and doing a Bingo game. I then asked my coop to put back up my PowerPoint and he did it no problem. Like my partner I had to jump around on my PowerPoint a little.

I started off with reviewing verbs and it went over great!

The students loved the Bingo game and the flashcards although some of the students were confused so I adapted and re explained it to all the students. I then went and circulated the room waiting for more questions and I did receive some questions from some of the students. My coop loved both my activities which was great!

If I was to re do this lesson I would definitely take out of one of my activities and have the students focus on one for the remaining of the period. If they finished early I would then give them the next activity.

Overall my lesson went great I just wish I would have had more time.

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