Can you spell Chaotic?

Today I taught Social Studies and it went great! Today I also saw how a classroom can be chaotic. With report cards coming up our coop was trying to get all of the student’s assignments in so he could mark them. Today I seen it from a teacher’s perspective when students are not calm and it is quite chaotic!

Today I went into my school feeling confident in my lesson. But then I started thinking about my lesson I got nervous. I was nervous to see how the student would react to the Jeopardy game I had set up. I was also really nervous to do it because I wanted to the students to be focused on my lesson and not on what happened last night with Donald Trump getting voted in.

I taught first in the morning and it went awesome. I taught the students about Louis Riel and the Red River Rebellion.  Going in with my doubts the students proved me wrong by staying on topic the entire lesson (but I did have to remind them to be quiet a few times).  To start off my lesson I showed a YouTube video, then did a summary of what the video said and then we played the game jeopardy. I was so happy with how my Jeopardy game went. In the classroom I am in they are on teams and earn points for their team and I did this with my Jeopardy game so they were all really engaged in my lesson. I was really happy I could make a Social Studies lesson this engaging!

There would be some changes I would make to it reflecting back on my lesson. After the video I went through a PowerPoint with the students and went through it really fast because I wanted to get to the game. However I should not have went as fast as I did because one student missed the video and the slides were a summary of the video. The Jeopardy game went great however I would change one specific detail in the game. I would change that I say the question and then get the students to raise their hand because there were some students who had their hand up the entire time.

Looking back on teaching today I am very proud with how I handled the classroom when the students got a little loud. Instead of looking over at my coop I told the students to “be quiet.” Whenever they got loud again or off topic I told them “so I guess we will move onto what else I have planned.” They said “no we don’t want to.”  I replied with “then settle down please.” For final jeopardy one group said a wrong answer and I said it was correct but it was not right! The reason I thought it was right was because I could not hear them over the noise in the classroom so I said to the class, “The reason I said they were right was because I could not hear them. I need you to be quiet so I can hear what people are saying.” I felt like one of my teachers from elementary school and high school because that is what they use to say all the time.

I did an exit slip for my closure and everyone wrote that they loved how interactive my game was which made me really happy. A majority of the students said it was fun and they loved learning in an interactive way. One student in particular though made me smile when he wrote: “I liked learning about it because you made fun.” At that moment I knew that I was glad with my decision to be a teacher.

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